Appetite for Illusion - The Ultimative G'n'R Tribute Band (AFI) born from the merger of the former band members Band Guns Roses with other experienced members of the Barcelona’s rock scene in the 80's and 90's.

AFI, are known for their powerful gigs, performs a repertoire of more than 2 hours with a selection of topics that include the golden age of Guns and Roses (1987-1994), being the place of origin and the point of reference for everything that has to do with Hard rock and Sleazy 90.

We want remark that AFI is not a clone band Guns and Roses. In this sense Kant said that "a good interpretation of a work of art is another work of art." Ours is not to imitate but to interpret from a 'now' and 'here', values, feelings and vision of the reigning world at the time of the Golden Age of Guns and Roses. They put in work the basic original concepts from which the Hard Rock-culture of the 90 is structured.

In AFI all are known in the rock scene of Barcelona, others nationally, and some other with tours in Europe sharing stage among others with Saxon, Motorhead, Rosendo, Dr. Feelgood ... All professionals, some from the 80 until now.